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Hilma af Klint, pura inspiración

Como suelo decir – y hacer, cuando puedo- viajar es la mejor manera de poner la cabeza en orden, a la vez que refrescar las ideas, inspirarse, re-descubrirse. Hace cerca de un mes, tuve la suerte de retornar a uno de los lugares más inspiradores que jamás he conocido, Nueva York. Profusión de culturas, opciones, […]

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Heart of Gold

…still thinking about the purpose of life…

And the sense of belonging So, as I was saying on the other post , I had this great experience while travelling to India. I honestly believe in travelling as a way of getting to know yourself. But travelling in a simple way, I mean. Getting in touch with local people, exploring non-touristic places… This can […]

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The purpose of life

First of all, I would like to say that I truly believe that we always discover something about us when we travel. And when things surprises us we have the biggest revelations. Once I´ve been to India. That was a great and special trip, full of colors, scents and flavours. So different, so similar, so […]

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Que es la Joyería Artística

En los últimos años, escuchamos cada vez más el término Joyería de Autor , o Joyería Artística. Pero que es la Joyería Artística? La Joyería Artística o Joyería de Autor es una rama de la joyería que prioriza el valor formal y artístico de la pieza más que el valor material de la joya. Estas […]

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Being (or trying to be) an artist in jewelry isn´t easy. Behind every piece there is a lot of research, hard working and bad results. One of the hardest stuff is to find a way to express your inspiration without being obvious or copying others. I think the best way to reach goals is to […]

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