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Heart of Gold
Pendant, porcelain and gold

And the sense of belonging

So, as I was saying on the other post , I had this great experience while travelling to India. I honestly believe in travelling as a way of getting to know yourself. But travelling in a simple way, I mean. Getting in touch with local people, exploring non-touristic places… This can make you realize how blissfull aret he simple things of life…

Travelling can be a metaphore for life itself. Make life simpler can help us to connect to ourselves, to see things form another perspective. We prioritize what is really important in life, therefore.

Living abroad is another way to make life simpler, but it´s far more difficult. I see it as an everyday meditation. Because you are far from your «comfy zone», you must learn from the beginning how to relate to a different culture, different way of thinking, and different relationtips above all.

After 15 years living in Barcelona, I feel myself at home when I´m here. But also when I´m in Rio. Actually, I feel like home in both places.

It´s like I don´t belong anywhere, I belong everywhere.




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