The purpose of life

First of all, I would like to say that I truly believe that we always discover something about us when we travel. And when things surprises us we have the biggest revelations.

Once I´ve been to India. That was a great and special trip, full of colors, scents and flavours. So different, so similar, so far, so close… I could experiment a plenty of sensations that I couldn´t have experienced from my confort zone.

After many days of tourist sightseeing, Jaipur, TajMahal, Ayurveda medicine, Ashram, Puducherry, and delicious food.. it happened. I had the «experience» I was expecting.

So we were travelling since many days, and we were tired and thought of going to Ooty to take some rest, and see that beautiful tea gardens, enjoy the cozy vintage train…

Then we were in the train , and after the first beautiful 20 minutes of the trip, something happened to the train , and we had to go back so they could try to fix it. We stayed in the train station for a while, and my partner had to go back walking by the train rail to look for something that has dropped from his hand when we were passing over the bridge.

So, I was in the train station, by myself, and waiting… It could be scary. So, the station chief came and offered me a cup of tea. I accepted, and we began to talk – actually, he began to talk and to ask me so many things and after I answered he told me his opinion about life, marriage, work, children, and so on.

Then he asked THE question: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF LIFE? I didn´t now what to say, I probably said something about live and let live, on which I firmly believe… But he said, NO! The purpose of life is TO KNOW YOURSELF. And he was so right. I felt I was in the right place, at the right time, so I could know this man, which I don´t remember the name, and he said these words that are so damm right and I keep remembering that magical moment.


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